Infermeria and Physiotherapy Department


Welcome to the web of the Department of Nursing at the University of Lleida.

The Nursing Department coordinates the teaching of the knowledge areas which are peculiar in teaching the disciplines of Nursing and Physiotherapy in accordance with the teaching program of the University of Lleida. The Department is responsible for promoting, facilitating and supporting faculty research initiatives.

The faculty of the Department is committed to ensuring that our students have the educational experience of the highest quality. Our programs are taught by teachers with experience care, researchers and professional leaders that, with the collaboration • operation with the most important medical centers in our area, ensuring quality teaching. The Nursing Department faculty consists of professors and researchers whose main purpose is the creation and transmission of knowledge in the field of nursing and physiotherapy.

Both quality teaching and research are carried out at different levels in which the Department teaches courses: Grades of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Masters of Health Research and Health Education and PhD in Health . Training courses are also offered.

The Directorate of the Department

Last modified: 13/04/2015
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